Welcome to the Windsurf Candy Shop

At TWS we have the premium product lines from the most important windsurf brands for you available. El Medano offers you the most wind reliable and stable weather conditions you can find for windsurfing. Together with our top of the line equipment it will make your holiday the best you ever had.

The centre

The Brands

These are the brands available in our center

  • QuatroQuatro
  • GoyaGoya
  • Simmer StyleSimmer Style
  • AL360AL360
  • Nove NoveNove Nove
  • FanaticFanatic
  • EzzyEzzy
  • F2F2
  • JPJP
  • NPNP
  • ServerneServerne
  • StarboardStarboard
  • WitchcraftWitchcraft
  • KA SailsKA Sails
  • Angulo BoardsAngulo Boards