Each year we organize the TWS, Pro Slalom Trainings from the beginning of January till middle of April. A big part of the PWA and IFCA riders join us 4 days per week to train for their upcoming racing season.
All riders joining us proofed big progress in their results thanks to the trainings. On this page you find more information and all the nice footage we create with and for our riders.

If you visit our center you can rent the same slalom gear as the top riders are using. You can just have a blast in the bay with friends or even join some trainings on our down-wind slalom course. The TWS Slalom Sessions are suited for individuals slalom sailing enthusiast or groups of friends, retailers, distributors, windsurf clubs or anybody else who wants to have fun and blast on our high-end slalom gear.

We provide more than 8 complete and fully similar high-end slalom kits powered by Fanatic and Duotone Sails:

Boards Falcon TE 115 and 98 Falcon 130L
Sails Warp 6.2 – 7.0 – 7.7 Warp 7.7 – 8.4
Masts Duotone Platinum masts (100%) Duotone Platinum masts (100%)
Booms Duotone Platinum race booms Duotone Platinum race booms
Fins Various Zfins Various Zfins

For more information about the gear rental via TWS Slalom Sessions please use the bookingsform by clicking here or send us and e-mail via info@ tws-windsurf.com. More information can also be found at our website under Gear & More.

For extra information of the TWS Pro Slalom Training you download the riders pdf document here and to book you can fill in the form below.

Come over and join the TWS PRO SLALOM training, and you’ll be ready for competition!









We are ready for you. Are you?