You’ll always have the best A-class windsurf gear available for you. We offer more then 7 premium board- and sailbrands to suit every weather condition and level of sailing. From blasting on free-ride /slalom gear to hard-core wave riding kits; we have it at your disposal. Below you’ll find a selection of our current equipment. We change gear on a regularly bases and receive, always as the first centre in the world, the newest products from the brands we work with. We are fully dedicated to make sure you sail the finest and most up-to-date products available.







These are our high quality partners

Wave and Free ride gear.

An unique range of the latest models from Fanatic, Goya, JP, Quatro, RRD, Witchcraft, Tabou, Angulo and Severne boards. The boards are ranging from 135 free ride /free race boards down to hardcore wave boards around 72 liters.

The most used range at our centre are the boards between 80 and 95 liters and therefore we have a wide range of boards in these volumes; single fin, twin fin boards, thrusters and quad boards. We have the latest models for you to rent and test and change regularly so you will only get board in superb condition. We are always the first to receive the new models from the brands we work with and always in the high end editions named as Team Editions, Pro editions, Premium constructions or any other name used by the brands to indicate their high end products. So even before the new boards are in the shops you can already use them at our centre!

When booking the wave and free ride range you can use all the boards and sails we have and change as many times as you like. You can also use our range of surf-, body- and SUP-boards for free. Info and registration via our booking form or our contact form. Prices can be checked here.

High End Slalom gear.

From November till April we offer you something unique:

high end slalom gear from Fanatic and Duotone!

Where most rental centers limit their offerings for speed and slalom freaks to safe freeride stuff, we make the difference with really high-end slalom equipment. Wanting to see which of your friends is the fastest? For once and for all you can decide it on the downwind slalom course. Want to work on your technique? then join one of our clinics for gybing, tuning and trimming, given by PWA-riders. Make it your dream holiday blasting and freeriding on the azure water in your shorty or just shorts/ bikini. Tenerife Windsurf Solution is getting more and more training centre for National and International windsurfers who are training on our permanent PWA downwind slalom course. With a monthly average of 75% of days with more than 15 knots, your sailing hours are assured.

Info and registration via our booking form or our contact form. Or check the TWS Slalom Sessions pricing page for special package deals.

We offer you the following gear:

  • Fanatic Falcons Team Edition ranging from 97, 115 and 140 liters
  • Duotone WARP race sails; 6,3 / 7,0 / 7,7/ 8,4
  • Duotone full carbon Platinum Race Booms and Platinum Race Masts
  • More then 20 carbon Z-fins for you to use and test.

When the trade winds blow too strong to go to out with slalom kits then there is always one of the 80 wave and freeride sets waiting for you which are also free to use when booking the slalom gear with us. And of course you can also use our range of surf-, body- and SUP-boards for free.

Surf and Bike.

No wind, no fun? Not with Tenerife Windsurf Solution!

El Medano offers in average about 250 sailing days per year. Some days we have lighter winds. For those days we offer you something nice; full carbon race- and mountain bikes in cooperation with the famous bikeshop Bikepoint Together we created our Surf and Bike concepts.

We offer you high end aluminum or full carbon mountain- and roadbikes in combination with the best windsurf gear available. We have two options to choose from:

  • Surf and Bike Flex

    The flex option offers you the best of both sports. No matter if it is windy or not you can get your dose of adrenaline and sports.

  • Surf and bike 100%

    Biking in the mornings and windsurfing till it gets dark? Or not sure when you want to go? Then the Surf and Bike 100% is suited for you. During your stay with us you get a nice aluminum or carbon bike and availability of the best windsurf gear possible so you can decide what and when you want to do. It just depends on your endurance.

Prices and more info can be checked here. Info and registration via our booking form or our contact form.