Tenerife’s awesome reputation has come about from an extremely consistent North-east trade wind named “Alissio” which allows all year round cross-onshore wave riding. When checking forecasts for the area, a key tip is to add 5-10 knots on whatever Windguru is predicting when in a north easterly direction, as the wind accelerates around the huge volcano of Mount Tiede.

The most accurate forecast is the one from Muchoviento. Also the entire bay can be transformed into a freestyle paradise with the arrival of southerly winds. Southerly winds can also be a lot stronger than what is forecasted.


This is the largest of the three playgrounds we offer, just in front of our centre, and provides excellent free ride and bump and jump conditions with everyone from intermediates to experts enjoying the friendly atmosphere while they blast endlessly back and forth through playful chop and rolling swell.

Harbour wall

The harbour wall marks the upwind edge and windiest part of the bay and in just a few tacks form our centre you could be enjoying an extremely playful wave (with cross-onshore winds) which breaks onto the reef on the outer edge of the wall.


Those experts among you - listen up! Cabezo is in theory the next bay round but can easily be accessed by taking a few more tacks past the harbour wall. Once there, you have entered a professionals’ playground with the highest local standard around in Europe; (double) forward loops, back loops and wave 360’s are basic and manoeuvres seen on the PWA are common place.