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Angulo – Victory – 80l – 2014


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Angulo Victory in size 80l model 2014 with footstraps and fin.

With the Twin-Fin or Single-Fin setup the VICTORY adapts to it’s surroundings like a chameleon. From a “snappy in the pocket” down the line board in the Twin-Fin mode, to a “drivey board” with earlier planing and increased upwind ability in Single-Fin mode. In both “modes” the VICTORY is determent to push your limits.
Designed by Mark Angulo this board is build for the extremes of wave sailing. The fine tuned rocker in combination with the round rails makes the VICTORY clearly built for turning. The moon tail keeps tail width in the back of the board giving huge grip in the top turn without sacrificing speed, thus allowing you to instantly set-up for your next turn.


  • 8/10


  • Contact us for ordering, shipping price Europe-wide 95€.

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