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Carbon slim boom – Al360

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100% slim carbon boom Al360, used with the new grip

Using this new technology boom is constructed using unidirectional carbon fibers HM (High Module), through which it was possible to further reduce the diameter of the boom to 25mm, while maintaining the strength and rigidity essential for optimal performance
With this diameter, ergonomic curves, oval sections and soft grip, dual density handle this boom is comfortable and perfect for those with small hands.
Breech and handle are made of nylon with 20% elastomer to ensure reliability and resistance.
The handle, aggressive design, is designed to deliver maximum performance: tilting to prevent the boom efforts shaft when not in line with the clew ring, very compact and well integrated into the boom, rigid and stable shaft thanks to the new system of hooking and unhooking actuated by two levers, that once closed, perfectly follow the line of the boom without protruding.


  • used, brand new exchanged grip


  • Contact us for ordering, shipping price Europe-wide 75€.

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