Matteo Iachino gives a tour of the TWS centre


Over the past years many slalom sailors have come to the TWS centre in Tenerife to join the Pro slalom training. When you look at the results of the people who come train with us it is clear that they choose for the Tenerife pro slalom training each year again. You can race the whole day against people of the same level so you can test out new gear and practice your skills on the course.

Every week we organise four days of training where a downwind slalom course is set out, with official rules and a top level race director. In the clip below you can see the 2016 world champion, Matteo Iachino, who has been training at our centre for the past couple years. He shows you around the centre and explains why you should also book your ticket for this winter to Tenerife Windsurf Solution for the TWS pro slalom training.