TWS Wave Technique Series Ep 6: Push Loop


The sixth episode of the TWS Wave Technique Series is about the always challenging pushloop. Marcilio Browne even gives some extra tips for the tweaked pushloop.


Everybody always talks about frontloops and backloops but for the riders that really want to take their windsurf jumping to the next level, it’s time to practice the pushloop. Colin ‘Whippy’ Dixon starts by explaining the basics of the pushloop, which is actually very similar to a backloop. Colin describes it as small to tall, with a strong push on the end to get the sail and board around. Marcilio gives some good advice for softer landings and mentions that it is important to pull the sail in just before landing. Check out the clip for all the tips and the best advice on tweaked pushloops.

The TWS wave Technique Series

The Wave Technique Series were prepared during the summer together with Marcilio Browne and Colin Whippy Dixon. They discuss every aspect of windsurfing in the waves from waveriding to jumping and tuning your gear. Marcilio has gone on the water to show you exactly what he is talking about and Colin explains it as clear as possible. Check out the other episodes as well to make sure you are ready to hit the waves like a pro, next time you go on the water.

Tenerife Windsurf Solution

At the Tenerife Windsurf Solution Centre in El Medano you can find many different boards and sails. If you book at the TWS centre you can try out a different board and sail every day on the warm blue water of Tenerife. With more than 60% of the days strong winds, you can be sure of some nice waveriding. This will definitely improve your level and we will make sure you have got a good time!