Our centre in El Medano offers in average about 250 sailing days per year. Some days we have lighter winds. For those days we offer you something nice; full carbon race- and mountain bikes in cooperation with the famous bikeshop Bikepoint  Together we created our Surf and Bike concepts.

We offer you high end aluminum or full carbon mountain- and roadbikes in combination with the best windsurf gear available. We have two options to choose from:

Surf and Bike flex

The flex option offers you the best of both sports. No matter if it is windy or not you can get your dose of adrenaline and sports.

Surf and Bike 100%

Biking in the mornings and windsurfing till it gets dark? Or not sure when you want to go? Then the Surf and Bike 100% is suited for you. During your stay with us you get a nice aluminum or carbon bike and availability of the best windsurf gear possible so you can decide what and when you want to do. It just depends on your endurance.

SURF & BIKE full

Use bikes and windsurfing equipment any of these days.

 Days Alu bike Upgrade Carbon Upgrade VIP

        7 days




       14 days




         21 days




SURF & BIKE flex

Chose upfront how many days you will go windsurfing and how many biking.

 Days Alu bike Upgrade Carbon Upgrade VIP

4 surf / 3 bike




9 surf / 5 bike




14 surf / 7 bike




The El Medano area offers some really nice mountainbike trails with all sort of difficulty levels. Tenerife has been discovered many years ago by professional athletes and cyclists as an excellent training ground road biking.  No matter your level, you can always find a nice route. From a tour round El Medano till a challenging ride up and down the 3800 meters Teide, we offer it all.

So with Tenerife Windsurf Solution you can get your thrills on and off the water no matter if it is windy or not.

About Bikepoint

Bikepoint works on the same high service level as we at TWS do and offers also the best possible gear for their clients. With the cooperation we have created the Surf and Bike concepts for you.

Rules and way to work for the Surf and Bike product:

How do we do it?

You will receive a voucher for the bike up on arrival with the option of your choice. correct info on about the product. Bikepoint is not more then 6 minutes walk from our centre and with the voucher you can pick-up the bike.

Before picking up the bike a bike rental contract needs to be signed so please bring your passport or ID-card and a € 50,- deposit in cash.  You will receive your bike with 2 bottle cages (1 if a mtb), spare inner tube, small pump, tire levers and a lock.

Bikes can be picked up and brought back by the following schedule:

 Days Pick up Return

Monday – Saturday

09.00 – 13.00

14.00 – 18.00



Mondays before 9.00

That’s all so quit easy. Please inform us when you book any Surf and Bike option with the following information;

  • Your length and if you know your framesize of the bike
  • Pedal type you want to use (Flast pedals, SPD, SPD SL or Look Keo)
  • And if you want an helmet or that you bring your own

Sports warranty/ The “not so windy” bike

If the winds are below 15 knots we offer our non Surf and Bike pre-booked clients the possibility to go for a mountain- or road bike trip with a 50% discount.

No wind bike 50% discounted price

1 day


2 days


3 days


4 days


5 days