TWS Slalom Technique Series Ep 2: Board Tuning


In the second episode of the TWS Slalom Technique Series you can see how to trim your slalomboard like the pro’s. After the first episode your sail should be looking perfect so now it is time to finetune your board with the tips from Jordy Vonk and Marco lang.

Board tuning
The three important things to change on your board the footstraps, the fin and the mastbase position. If one of the three is not perfect, your board might stick to the water or fly too much. So the first thing you want to check is whether your board is flying too much or if it sticks to the water. Then you can put your straps more forward, or more to the back to change this. Secondly, the fin can make a big impact. Nowadays there are many different fin brands on the market and they are all available in different sizes. A good way to try out different fins before you buy them. At the TWS centre in Tenerife you can test many different Z-Fins or Tectonics fins which can help you make the right decision. Thirdly, something that can easily be changed but has a lot of influence on the way your board flies over the water, the mastbase. Putting it more forward will give you more control, putting it more backward will let the board fly more. Play with this during your session to see which setup works the best for your sail and board combination.

The TWS Slalom Technique Series

The Slalom Technique Series are a way for you to imrpove your slalom sailing with the tips from the pro’s. As every winter the bay of El Médano becomes the hotspot of slalom training we decided to share some of the pro tips with you. In 6 episodes Marco Lang and Jordy Vonk will share their tips to make you sail even faster and get ready for the upcoming racing season. The guys discuss everything from trimming the gear to jibing and flying. Check out the other episodes as well to make sure you are ready for your next race.

Tenerife Windsurf Solution

At the Tenerife Windsurf Solution Centre in El Medano you can find many different boards and sails from slalom to wave. If you book at the TWS centre you can try out a different board and sail every day on the warm blue water of Tenerife. With more than 60% of the days strong winds, you can be sure of some nice waveriding and slalom action. This will definitely improve your level and we will make sure you have got a good time!